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What is an On the Day Coordinator or Day of Coordinator?

I am able to do what you would do if it wasn't your wedding day.  No matter how organised you are and how much effort you have put into the planning, you will be busy on your wedding day.  An On the Day Coordinator can look after your big day and all your plans, as if they were actually you. Leaving you then to be able to enjoy your big day and not worry if suppliers have turned up or if they are in the correct location.  Most couples never realise the majority of the problems that happen on their big day when there is an On the Day Coordinator there.  Just a few examples of problems I have solved without couples ever knowing:

  • Phoning suppliers who are missing or who are late and coordinating their arrival without disrupting the wedding
  • Making sure suppliers are placed in the correct location and not blocking where a big dramatic entrance should be (one very real example of a couples biggest concern almost happening minutes before they arrived-They still do not know that this problem even occurred)
  • Making sure signage is in place
  • Making sure finishing touches are looking as the couples wanted (One couple had a huge backdrop of thousands of handmade origami paper cranes that they had put up the night before, they had fallen down by the time i arrived the morning of the wedding. They are still not aware)
  • Checking the toilets always have toilet roll in them (especially when it is a marquee wedding this is one thing that is often overlooked)
  • Helping you locate any missing members of the wedding party who may have disappeared at just the wrong moment (again an incredibly real example), at the same time as keeping the suppliers updated on the situation and delaying the meal if needed.


I also help with any final finishing touches and can help photographers locate people for photographs, usher people to the reception or help to hand out any gifts during the speeches (feel free to write a list of things you would want help with).


I meet with you around a week or two before the wedding and go through all of your plans, so that I know exactly what you want everything to look like, where everything should be and when. I then draw up a schedule for the day and send you a copy of the schedule and my notes.


What is the difference between a half day and a full day for your On The Day Coordinator service?

Generally a half day is around 4 hours and a full day is around 8-12 hours. 


For a full day I am usually there to make sure that everything is set up correctly and will visit both the bride and groom (separately if needed) and will visit both the reception venue and ceremony venue at least once, but usually twice or more.  I will then usually be there until all the key moments have passed (speeches, cake cutting and first dance) and will then leave after the first dance, this will be agreed in out meeting before the wedding. 


A half day is great for someone who just wants someone there to make sure that the venue is set up correctly and that all the suppliers turn up on time.  I may only have time to be at the reception (depending on how far apart the locations are), but I am available for advice on the phone at any time.


A half day costs £250 with a full day costing £500, full details of my Services & Pricing are available here


Do you work with a list of recommended suppliers?

Yes I work with a number of suppliers, all of the suppliers I recommend also have valid Public Liability Insurance.  If you require a recommendation for a supplier I will chose one (or three depending on the package you choose) that I feel meets your personalities and requirements.


I am totally independent and receive absolutely no incentives from any supplier to recommend you, but benefit from the mutual respect of working alongside genuine professionals.  Many suppliers also offer a discount which I am then able to pass on to you.


Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes I have valid Public Liability Insurance, certificates can be seen on request.


Do you have any reviews or references?

Yes I have a number of reviews available on my Facebook page:


I am also able to provide further reviews and recommendations from different sources on request. 


Do you charge mileage?

Travel is free within an hour from my location in Northampton.  It is then charged at 45p per mile after this.


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